Market Data: Boulder & Longmont Neighborhoods

The data in this section will be helpful if you’d like to know pricing and appreciation rates for neighborhoods in Boulder and Longmont broken down by large, mid-sized, and small houses, as well as condos and townhomes. For each property type, we provide a chart showing price changes from year to year, and another showing cumulative pricing changes over several time periods, including the recession, the recovery post-recession, and 1997 to date.


Boulder Neighborhoods, map, Agents for Home Buyers, Boulder, CO

Boulder Large Houses

Boulder Mid-Sized Houses

Boulder Small Houses

Boulder Townhomes and Condos


Longmont Neighborhoods, map, Agents for Home Buyers, Boulder, CO

Longmont Large Houses

Longmont MId-Sized Houses

Longmont Small Houses

Longmont Townhomes and Condos

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