Market Data: Mountains & Rural Areas

Small Towns and Rural Areas

In this section, you’ll find data on the number of sales, speed of sale, and prices for Nederland, Niwot, Lyons and four rural areas we’ve defined in Boulder County, including the high mountains, the foothills just west of Boulder, and the rural plains to the north and east of Boulder. Because there are fewer sales in these areas, these data are less reliable than those of the larger communities we cover, but they do provide a good perspective on what’s happening in the housing markets in these areas.

Map of Small Towns and Rural AreasMap of towns and rural areas

Number and Speed of Sale

The first chart in this section tracks the total number of sales in each area from 1997 to date. The other two track how many homes have gone under contract within 5 days and 14 days after being listed for sale. This is a very sensitive measure of buyer pressure on the market, indicating whether there’s likely to be competition for the better properties and how current conditions compare to prior markets in this respect.

Compare Prices Area to Area

The charts in this section provide pricing data for various sized homes in Nederland, Niwot, Lyons, and the rural plains and mountain areas near Boulder (see map here). The first three charts provide median price data for large, mid-sized, and small houses. The next three provide a perspective on the cumulative change in pricing over several time periods, including the recession, the recovery post-recession, and 1997 to date.

Pricing for Each Area

In this section, the charts focus on one town or area, and include pricing on small, mid-sized and large homes, allowing for comparison within that community.




Boulder County plains southeast

Boulder County plains northwest

Boulder foothills

Boulder high mountains

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