Value Adding Curb Appeal Ideas

Value Adding Curb Appeal Ideas

by Shannon Weissleder
Creating major curb appeal can greatly increase your home’s value.  Most buyers are looking for a house that instantly looks like a “H-O-M-E”. Here are my top ideas for creating maximum impact:

#1: Update the exterior body color and dated looking brick with paint.

   I usually choose a bright color that will warm up a tired house. In this case I selected a classic white and black color scheme and brought in warmer wood tones through cedar fencing, cedar wrapped posts and redwood gorilla-hair mulch.  The house was painted a bright white and the aluminum windows were exchanged for a matte black to give the house a more modern feel.  I also changed out the front door for a black door with small windows to let more light into the house.

#2:  Adding a combination of shrubs, trees and flowering plants to the front walkway adds instant curb appeal.

In this case I selected Swedish Aspen trees which grow well on the Front Range and a few Upright Juniper trees to add height to the front of the house.  I also added about 15 lavender bushes along the sidewalk to welcome guests with an earthy lavender fragrance.  Plus, lavender is great for bees which keep my flowers healthy and blooming throughout the season.

#3:  Change out old house numbers to give the house some pizzazz.

I prefer the house numbers to be prominent so that visitors, delivery people and buyers can easily spot the house.  It is amazing how affordable this option can be and it gives an instant update.

#4:  When in doubt….clear it out!

The landscaping on this house I purchased didn’t do much in terms of curb appeal, plus it did not have sprinklers which made grass and the existing landscaping difficult to keep green (or alive) during the hot winter months in Colorado. I decided to completely clear out the existing landscaping and start fresh so that we could fix some of the drainage concerns and add sprinklers.  Once it was cleared out I had a clean slate to design with.  The old sculptural juniper bushes are popular in this era of homes so I decided to keep with the juniper bushes but put a modern spin on it by adding tall upright juniper trees instead that give the home a more formal feel.

#5:  Love your home by keeping it well maintained.

Clean the gutters yearly to keep water away from your house.  Sweep the front walkway and entryway to keep it looking fresh. Keep up with the landscaping by weeding and mowing the lawn as needed.  When a buyer pulls up to look at the house all off your efforts will not go unnoticed.  Buyers can tell when a home has been well cared for so maintaining it will go a long way should you decided to sell it.    
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