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Whether you seek them out or do your best  to avoid them, you will be inevitably be dealing with real estate  agents or brokers if you decide to buy a home. Ninety to ninety-five percent of homes in Boulder County and the Denver Metro Area are listed by a real estate broker before they sell. So  even if you decide to try to buy your home without the help of an agent, you  will have to deal with then while you’re searching for your home, during the  negotiation process, and as you prepare for closing. As a potential home buyer, you need  to understand how real estate brokers get paid, who they represent, and how to  find a broker to help you buy your home if you decide you want to do that..   Agency Law in Real Estate. Whose interests are they protecting? How Are Agents Paid? How real estate brokers paid and who pays them. Selecting  an Agent. How to pick an agent to help you buy a home. Most  experienced home buyers will tell you that it is a mistake to  try to go through the purchase process on your own. The process will typically  be much more efficient and effective if you have the assistance of a real  estate agent who knows the process and has ready access to the information you  need. In any case, if you are going to act intelligently and effectively in the  real estate market, you need to understand some of the basics. That’s  what I’ll try to cover in this section. I’ll also include  some recommendations on how to select a real estate agent if you decide to  “hire” someone to help you through the process.