Give Your Dated Bathroom a Facelift

Give Your Dated Bathroom a Facelift

By Shannon Weisleder
Don’t let dated bathrooms scare you. They are fairly easy and inexpensive to update. This “pink lady” was easily transformed into a modern bathroom with tons of style.


First, we simply updated the flooring with sheet vinyl that resembles vintage hexagon tiles in a neutral tone.  The flooring was installed in about an hour for approimately $150.


We replaced the pink vessel sink with a small floating vanity we ordered online, which gives the illusion of more space since it doesn’t take up any floor space.  The old high-water toilet was replaced with a white, low flow one for $200.  I am currently waiting for the new mirror to arrive so I can install it. The brass medicine cabinet was donated.

New Life for the Cast Iron Tub

Finally, we hired a company to refinish the old cast iron tub for $400. The old cast iron tubs are the just the best because they retain heat better than new bathtubs. Voila! We have a new bathroom with vintage charm minus the rose hue.  
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