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  One of  the more difficult and important aspects of property evaluation is making sure that the property you buy will satisfy needs that are specific, or even unique, to you. The worst problems arise when the real estate agent or the inspector working with the buyer are not aware of these needs. If a child requires special  educational or medical resources, or if the family is bringing two of their horses from Montana, these needs tend to get communicated to real estate agents and attorneys. Problems tend to arise when the buyer has special needs that they don’t realize are so special or when they have needs that they don’t realize can’t be met in certain towns, neighborhoods, or housing developments.   Some examples::   Communications. A computer programmer who works from home is looking for a house in the mountains. His job requires that he has multiple phone lines, which he had installed in his previous three homes, but because of limitations in available lines the phone company will not install multiple lines in the home he just bought. Education. The parent of a grade-school child assumes that their college bound child will eventually take advanced placement classes when they reach high school, but doesn’t realize that the smaller high school serving the area where they’ve just purchased a home doesn’t offer any advanced placement classes. Hobbies. A short wave radio fanatic buys in a neighborhood where the covenants preclude the use of short wave radios or in a city or county that doesn’t allow her 90 foot antenna. Infrastructure. The sculptor needs to install a 220 volt electrical outlet for her welding torch and discovers that the home she just bought needs $3,000 in electrical upgrades in order for that outlet to be installed, or discovers that the lines feeding the rural area she bought in won’t allow upgraded electrical service to her home at any cost. As a real estate buyer, you need to think long and hard about the activities and needs that are critical to you and consult with the appropriate experts to make sure  that your new home will meet these needs.