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2.1.2 Meet with Lenders and Real Estate Agents

Meet with Lenders and Real Estate Agents Interview Professionals To start the home buying process, meet with lenders and real estate agents. At a minimum, you’ll gain an understanding of the process and your available options. If, in the end, you decide that you prefer working on your own, at least you will have picked up some useful information. There are great resources available to you at little or no cost. Use them. Meet with a Lender During a one hour meeting with a loan officer, you should be able to find out how much you can borrow. A lender

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2.1.1 The Home Buying Process

The Home Buying Process Problems Buyers Encounter In many cases, home buyers lack a clear understanding of the home buying process or the roles of the people involved. Often, they just don’t understand the best way to get the process rolling and how to keep it going. Because so much is at stake, this can create a high anxiety level throughout the many steps in the process. These misunderstandings can cause buyers to waste a lot of time in a series of false starts before they move forward with a home purchase. Avoiding the False Start Examples of those false

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