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Our Proprietary Mapping System

Mapping Properties

Our proprietary mapping system will help you understand your location in the current market. We provide detailed information on all the properties that match your needs and plot those properties on maps. Therefore, you’ll quickly get a feel for the types of homes available in your price range and the neighborhoods they are located.

What do the Proprietary Maps Include?

Using your unique search criteria, we will put together street level maps locating three categories of relevant properties.  The first category has all of the homes that are actively for sale.  The second includes under contract properties because these are generally the better ones in a given neighborhood and price range. And lastly, we plot the sold properties, which gives you a clear picture of the history of sales in the area.

What You Will Learn from the Mapping

You’ll gain a richer understanding for the types of homes available in your price range and where they are located. You’ll see the houses that have recently sold in your preferred neighborhoods and get a sense of the quality of these homes. This is your niche in the real estate market. The mapping will also give you information on how quickly they sold and how the selling price relates to the asking price. This will be your guide with respect to how quickly you need to act when you find the perfect home. And you will have a better idea how much to offer. It is essential to a successful home search that you have a clear picture of what you can afford, what kind of property you would like to buy and where. It is our belief that an informed buyer will become a successful buyer.

Using the Proprietary Maps

In some cases, there may be hundreds of properties plotted on your maps. Before you head out on your own, we will sit down with you and review them with you. We can give you some advance perspective on the communities where relevant properties are coming up in your price range and the kinds of homes available in these neighborhoods. We can even go through the properties with you and help you select homes you may want to see first-hand.

A Dedicated Home Search Weekend

Most of our clients prefer to begin by taking these maps and touring neighborhoods to drive by the homes. A thoughtful weekend devoted to this process usually helps develop a clear impression of the communities where you want to focus your home search. Because these maps provide a six- to twelve-month window into the market, you'll have a better understanding of your market niche in a single weekend than you would in six months without the maps.