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Our Game Plan to Help Clients

Accommodating Your SpecPeople working together to build the word "team"ific Needs

Our game plan to help clients buy real estate is to adapt our approach to accommodate your specific needs and circumstances. For example, we’ve successfully worked with many out-of-state clients hoping to buy properties in Boulder County and the surrounding areas. Because we give these clients all the information they need, they can zero in on desirable properties from a distance. By sending photos and videos of promising properties, they are able to decide whether to fly out to see homes for sale first hand. For local clients with only limited time to tour properties, we happily preview and select those closely meeting the client’s needs. Most of our buyers prefer an active role in reviewing, selecting, and viewing properties. We prefer it as well. Through active participation in the process, you'll develop the market knowledge and experience you need to make well-grounded decisions when the right property comes along.

How We Begin to Help Clients

Our game plan for helping clients buy real estate begins with talking through your home ownership goals and explaining how we can help you work toward them. We’ll talk about your must-haves and your must-nots and we’ll talk about timing. You’ll gain a realistic perspective on how your housing goals match up with what is available in the local market. We will answer your questions about the purchase process, explain how you can prepare, and describe what we can do ease the way. We will discuss buyer agency, our team approach, and how we work. You will leave our first meeting with a clear picture of what you need to do to buy a home in our market. If we have done our job, you'll have enough information to decide whether you want to work with us or not.

Our Team Approach is Part of Our Game Plan

Most real estate agents work on an individual basis with their clients. At Agents for Home Buyers, we work as a team with every buyer. Because we operate as a team, we can provide better service while maintaining the strengths of a single agent/client relationship. Our clients benefit from having multiple perspectives on homes, neighborhoods and the local market. More importantly, they benefit because their team can virtually be in two places at once.

Teams Provide Coverage When You Need It

Single buyer agents frequently run into situations where their duties to one client interfere with carrying out their commitments to others. One example is having to cancel showings with one buyer if the “perfect” property comes on the market for another. Single agents are sometimes unable to show you that “perfect” property because they are writing an offer for someone else before deadline. In a market where the best properties sell quickly, a delay like that can be disastrous. With our team approach, we can always find a way to meet your needs when the timing is critical. With a small, dedicated team, we are simply better at taking care of our clients when they need it.