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1.1.2 Why Exclusive Buyer Agency?

Why Exclusive Buyer Agency? True Believers Exclusive Buyer Agents are true and committed believers in Exclusive Buyer Agency. To operate as a true EBA office, all agents must agree not to market homes for sellers. As a result, we pass up a huge source of visibility and potential income that taking listings provides. EBAs sacrifice this potential income because we want to offer the best service and representation possible to home buyers. We know that we can only do that by declining to represent sellers in our practice. Exclusive Buyer Agents are a Rare Breed EBA companies are a rare

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1.1.1 Why the Commitment to Buyer Agency?

Why the Commitment to Buyer Agency? Buyer Agency vs. Transaction Brokerage At Agents for Homebuyers, we have a strong commitment to buyer agency. If you are considering asking a real estate broker to help you find a home, you can choose to have that broker work with you either as a “buyer agent” or as a “transaction broker.” The difference is both simple and dramatic. A buyer agent (BA) commits to representing you and your interests. A transaction broker (TB) must remain completely neutral between the buyer and seller. In Colorado, neutral transaction brokerage is the default position. This means

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1.1.0 Our Commitment to Home Buyers

Our Commitment to Home Buyers At Agents for Home Buyers, our commitment to home buyers means we do everything we can to provide first rate real estate services to our clients. We know that the home buying process can be intimidating, especially for first-time home buyers or new arrivals. Many buyers don’t have a clear idea of what type of home they want, or where, when or how the search process begins. Indeed, many potential home buyers aren’t sure whether they should be buying a home at all. Because these decisions are difficult for many home buyers, we feel it’s

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