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Title Insurance

You should insist that the contract allows you to obtain an “owners extended coverage” or “plain language” title insurance policy with mechanics lien protection, whether you pay for this coverage or the builder does. If material suppliers and subcontractors who helped build the home do not get paid by the contractor, they can record liens on your home and you may have to pay them. Unless you want to pay for your house twice, transfer this responsibility to the title company through an “extended coverage” policy. If the title company refuses to provide this type of policy, they may have

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Evaluating Title and the Home Owner’s Association

When you are purchasing a home, it is important to know that there won’t be any questions about your ownership of the property once the purchase is complete. Historically, attorneys were often hired to research the history of the property to confirm that there were no questions in this regard. Currently, in Colorado, the seller typically pays for similar research by a title insurance company. The title company then issues a title policy insuring that the new owner has good title to (clear ownership of) the property. The standard Colorado purchase contract generally establishes an agreement that the seller will

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