Hiring a professional in a DIY world – Part 2

8 Hiring a professional in a DIY world - Part 2

In an earlier post, I talked about the disastrous first home buying experience my husband and I had. We did everything wrong and nearly lost our shirts. Ever since, I have been true believer in the value of using the assistance of a good buyer's agent instead of going it alone. Here's why.

Why Not DIY?

With all of the internet tools available today, there's a lot of debate about whether a buyer needs an agent. Why not DIY? Today, you can find homes for sale and look up almost anything you need to know online. With so much information at your fingertips these days, is it really necessary to have your own representation? In my experience, the answer is a resounding yes! Here are eight great reasons to hire a buyer’s agent:

Great Reasons to Use a Buyer's Agent

  1. A buyer’s agent works for you and only you. Our big mistake was assuming that the agent we called on was working for us. She was so nice and helpful! Except, she wasn’t actually working for us. She was working for the seller. That was her job and her responsibility, and back then, she had no obligation to explain that to us.
  2. Your agent can recommend a good mortgage broker who will have your best interests in mind. You will feel confident that you are shopping in the right price range and that the loan process will go off without a hitch.
  3. A good buyer’s agent will help you determine if you are getting the best deal you possibly can – that you’re not paying too much or jumping at the first thing you see regardless of its value. Had Mike and I looked at other homes in the area, we likely would have found a much better home in substantially better shape.
  4. A buyer’s agent will help you construct the best possible offer to help you get the home under contract, while protecting your right to terminate if necessary. We paid full price because we didn’t know any better.
  5. Once the home is under contract, a buyer’s agent will guide you through all the steps to safely evaluating the home, recommend appropriate inspections for your area and make sure you don’t miss any contract deadlines that protect your interests. Then they will help you negotiate inspection items with the seller, so you don’t get stuck with a DIY dud.
  6. A buyer’s agent will verify that the title documents are complete and make sure there is nothing there that could cause you ownership problems down the line.
  7. If the home is governed by a homeowner’s association, your agent will make sure you get all the document to review in advance so you will know just what you are getting into.
  8. Your buyer’s agent will review closing documents with you before the closing so that all your questions can be addressed to your satisfaction. No one wants to feel pressured at closing to sign papers they don’t understand.

You Need an Expert on Your Side

While all of these are excellent reasons to hire a buyer’s agent, you shouldn’t overlook the intangible benefits of having an expert to represent you. The home buying process can be emotionally charged, especially when there are outside pressures on the buyer to buy. A good agent can help you navigate this emotional minefield by injecting logic, experience and sanity into the process. He or she can act as a buffer between buyer and seller when a good negotiator is needed. Just as you would never face a lawsuit without your own attorney representing you, it makes no sense to negotiate one of the largest financial purchases you’ll ever make by yourself. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know until it’s too late. Mike and I have now owned eight homes and, until I became an agent myself, we used a buyer’s agent for every purchase since that first disastrous experience when we nearly lost everything. This is one project you shouldn’t DIY. Trust me. For more information on how a buyer’s agent can help you safely by a home, see our reference library section called How We Help at https://agents4homebuyers.com/reference-library.
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