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What Time of Year Do Prices Increase?

What Time of Year Do Prices Increase? by Norris Minick When people hear that house prices are going up 12% a year, most assume that they are going up about 1% a month over the entire year.  As we’ve told our clients for years, however, that’s not how it works. In market where prices are surging, nearly all the price increase for a given year occurs between the months of January and June. So, when we have a 10% price increase, a house that sold for $500,000 house in January will tend to sell for $550,000 by the end of June.

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Claudia Lewis

Hiring a professional in a DIY world

Hiring a Professional in a DIY World When my husband and I were newlyweds, our family situation led us to the decision to buy a home. My mom was handicapped and needed our help, and my younger brother was a student at community college. At the time, we had little or no understanding of the home buying process; we were completely clueless. We thought you just borrowed money somewhere, gave it to someone who had a house you wanted to buy, and they gave you the house, right? Well, in mega-simplified terms, that’s exactly what happens. But, as in our

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Picking the Best Investment as a Residential Buyer

Picking the Best Investment as a Residential Buyer By Norris Minick In a recent post, we presented some data on a gap that opened up between 2002 and 2010 between condo/townhome prices and prices for small single family homes…and then noted that this gap had narrowed substantially in most local communities over the past few years.  For many buyers, this raises this question:  Had you recognized this gap opening up, would it have made sense to buy a condo or townhome…rather than a single family home…to maximize the upside potential of your investment? Condos Did Better Looking back at our

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