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Meth Testing as Part of Your Inspection

Meth Testing as Part of Your Inspection by Norris Minick After attending a 5-hour house inspection in a wonderful house he had under contract in Arvada this summer, our client walked out with a headache and some nausea. He went home, laid down, and slept for 3 hours. Worried that maybe that had something to do with the house, he called the inspector the next morning. The inspector reported the same set of symptoms. Later that afternoon, we got the lab results from our meth screening samples from the house. The meth levels in the house were from 100 to

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Claudia Lewis

Hiring a professional in a DIY world

Hiring a Professional in a DIY World When my husband and I were newlyweds, our family situation led us to the decision to buy a home. My mom was handicapped and needed our help, and my younger brother was a student at community college. At the time, we had little or no understanding of the home buying process; we were completely clueless. We thought you just borrowed money somewhere, gave it to someone who had a house you wanted to buy, and they gave you the house, right? Well, in mega-simplified terms, that’s exactly what happens. But, as in our

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