Lindsey Buys a Fixer-Upper: Part 8 – Move-in

Lindsey Buys a Fixer-Upper: Part 8 - Move-in

By Lindsey Wolf Lunney
Last May, my husband and I unintentionally bought a major fixer-upper. In earlier posts, I talked about some of the problems we uncovered during our routine and not-so-routine inspections of the home. I hope my story will make the process easier for others who are thinking of taking on a big project like this one.

The Move In 

Months later, we finally moved into our new house. We still have a stair rail that needs to be built and the back splash to install, happening soon. I have to say, after the headaches, the stress, constantly being on the phone making 5-20 decisions a day, it was totally worth it.

Is a Fixer-upper for You?

If you are thinking of renovating a house, think very long and carefully about it. It will try your patience and make you second guess every decision. Understand that in the long run, it will be well worth your time and energy. If you need the names of reliable contractors, please give us a call at Agents for Home Buyers. We can help you find the right people.

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