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Under Contract to Closing

Once you Under Contract

Once you are under contract with an owner to purchase their home, we have a lot of work to do getting to closing. Above all, our job is to ensure it's a good purchase for you and that we get you to closing without a hitch. There are many documents and deadlines that need to be met during this time.  First, we will arrange for the home inspection and negotiate repairs with the seller.  Then, we'll deliver the important documents that your lender requires so they can get the appraisal done on time.  To ensure you get the title insurance coverage you need, we'll carefully review and explain the documents from the title company.

We Closely Monitor This Process

In order to get this job done right, we must monitor the process every day. You can expect us to keep you informed every step of the way. As a result, you will always know what's expected when a contract deadline approaches. This is another situation where the team approach is critical. With a solo agent, if he or she is busy or on vacation when crunch time hits, you’re in trouble. Because of our team approach, you can rest assured that a responsible agent will make sure things are done on time and done right.

The Closing

If the professionals involved have done their jobs honestly and carefully, most closings are uneventful affairs. We will do our best to make sure that the closing is a safe, smooth and straightforward process. Prior to closing time, we will walk through the home with you to make certain everything is in order. Then at the assigned time, we’ll meet you at the title company to ensure the paperwork is in order and answer any questions you may have. It is our job to represent you and your interests from start to finish. Helping you through the closing process is an important part of that commitment.