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Three resources deserve immediate mention. First, you’ll find great info on our local communities on Wikipedia. Look at the information there on the Boulder, Colorado page for example, and you’ll find a huge amount of text and hundreds of links to information on Boulder’s history, geography, demographics, schools, politics and culture. You’ll find the same for counties, communities and school districts across the state and country. We’ve linked to the relevant Wikipedia pages in the 4.1.3 Community Links section of this Knowledge Base. The links you’ll find on the Boulder Community Network website provide a nearly inexhaustible supply of information on the communities of Boulder County. It’s a great place to start if your focus is Boulder County. Finally, we have some community level information elsewhere on this site that you won’t find anywhere else. Under the heading of Local Housing Stock, we have a section called Comparing Communities in which we have data comparing local communities on the age and size of various housing types available. In that same section, under the heading of Housing in Each Community, we have detailed data on the age, size and type of housing in each of the communities we cover as well as maps that will show you where you can find specific types of housing in each community. Also check out the section of this web site called Market Data. You’ll find extensive information there that will allow you to compare housing costs and the dynamics of the housing market in the communities we cover.