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In the section we’ve called Housing in Each Community, we’ve compiled detailed charts and maps on the housing stock in each of the communities in our area. The charts in this section are based on the same data as those in Comparing Communities, but they present the data on each community in much greater detail. First, they will give you a picture not only of the percentage of homes in each community that are of a given age or size, but they will also show the actual of numbers of homes meeting certain age/size criteria that exist in that particular community. For example, if you’re primarily interested in homes under 1600 square feet built prior to 1920, a quick glance at these charts will tell you that there are about 550 of these homes in Boulder, 300 in Louisville, and 750 in Longmont. The maps in the Housing in Each Community section are based on the same data as these charts, but they display the data by location. By using these maps, if you decide that you’re interested in pre-1920 homes in Longmont, you can see where in town they are located see to what extent they are intermixed in these neighborhoods with homes of different ages and different sizes. In a very real sense, these maps literally provide a picture of the historical development of the various communities we cover as reflected in the construction of the housing in those communities