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Once you’ve found right property, you need to put together a purchase offer. Most buyers in Colorado, use the standard purchase contract developed by the Colorado  Real Estate Commission. Real estate agents are required to use this form, though most will delete irrelevant clauses or supplement the form with additional provisions designed to protect their client’s interests. A buyer, or any attorney they hire, can draft a purchase offer without using this form. In most cases, however, if the buyer hires an attorney, she will, probably use the standard Colorado form as the basis for the offer. The standard form does a good job of  covering many of the necessary issues in a manner consonant with Colorado law and practice. And, if filled out properly, it includes many safeguards for buyers and sellers. The standard form also has the virtue of familiarity. Any real estate professional in Colorado, including real estate agents, attorneys, title company staff and lenders, will be familiar with the contents of the form. Its use simplifies the process for everyone.

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