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Make an Offer and Win the Contract

a4hb will help you make an offer once you find the right home

Is This the One?

You’ve found a home that you think you want to buy! Now what? You'll need to make an offer and hope to win the contract.  First, we’ll help you evaluate the property and put together an offer. We'll never push you to make an offer, nor will we tell you what price you should offer. Our job is to help you weigh the positive and negative features of the property and point out any problems that we have observed. If we think you might have a problem with resale, we'll let you know. And we can provide the information you need to determine whether the property is priced reasonably or not.

Making an Offer

At your direction, we will draft an offer and present it to the listing agent or owner as soon as possible.  Though not standard practice in Colorado, you may want to hire an attorney to review your offer before we submit it.  In a competitive market, we also encourage you to write an offer letter to the seller.  This can help you increase your chances of winning the contract.  Then the seller has the choice of accepting your offer, returning a counter-proposal or refusing the offer outright. In most cases, the seller won't accept your offer as written because there are so many negotiable elements to the contract. If the seller counters your offer, we will help you evaluate and respond. Whether we have to do this work at 6:00 AM or 11:00 PM, we will be here to help you.

We’ll give you our 100% effort to minimize the chances that you’ll lose your dream home to another buyer.