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Every home buyer understands that they must make decisions about what type of home they want to buy and where they want to buy it. It is sometimes less obvious that good decisions on these issues depend on good information about what types of housing actually exist in the various communities the buyer is considering. A buyer who prefers to live in Boulder and wants a large home built since 1990 needs to understand that these homes make up only 3% of Boulder’s housing stock and are largely confined to only a couple of neighborhoods. That buyer should also know that homes like these make up 13-14% of the housing stock in Lafayette and more than 20% in Superior. It is this kind of data on available housing stock that we’ve put together in the charts and maps listed below. The first set of five charts provide summary data comparing the housing stock in Boulder, Gunbarrel, Louisville, Lafayette, Superior, Longmont, Erie, Arvada, Broomfield and Westminster. The charts are based on data generated in August of 2010. For additional information on how these data were gathered and compiled, see our section called Housing Stock Basics. For more detailed information on the housing stock in each community, see our Housing in Each Community.   Community Comparison: Percent Houses vs. Condos/Townhomes Community Comparison: Age of Houses in Community Community Comparison: Size of Houses in Community Community Comparison: Age of Condos/Townhomes in Community Community Comparison: Size of Condos/Townhomes in Community