How Quick Do They Sell?

How Quickly do Properties Sell?

How Quickly do the Best Homes Sell?

To address the question of how quickly homes sell, most real estate stats focus on the average number of days that homes are on the market before they go under contract. While these numbers may be important to people who own average houses, the critical question for a buyer is how long the best homes, or the best deals, are on the market before they go under contract.

Our stats focus on the percentage of all sales that go under contract in either 5 days or less or 14 days or less. As a buyer, you need to behave differently in a market where 50% of the homes are going under contract in 2 weeks or less than in a market where 5% are. If you’re in a market where 30% are going under contract in 5 days or less, you’re going to have to get organized, know what you’re doing, and work with someone who’s equally focused.

If you’d prefer to look at these data with a community focus, just the data for Boulder or Arvada for example, check out  the section called Data for Each Community.

Percentage Under Contract in 14 Days or Less

Percentage Under Contract in 5 Days or Less

Click Here for important information on our stats and how they differ from  the stats produced by the Boulder Area Realtor Association. Click Here for statistics from the Boulder Area Realtor Association. Select  “Sales Statistics” from the menu on the right when you reach their  site.


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