Energy Audit Deal for Boulder County

For $120, Boulder County's Energy Smart program will send both an energy auditor and an energy advisor to your home.  While the auditor is conducting depressurization tests, infared scans and other inspections, the advisor will install high efficiency light bulbs and low flow shower heads if you want and insulate your water heater pipes.  They'll even install a programmable thermostat for a $20 co-pay. When the energy audit report is completed and delivered, the energy advisor can return for a follow-up meeting to help you review the results and prioritize home improvements based on the cost effectiveness of recommended upgrades.  The advisor can also help you with federal, state, or utility company rebates and incentives that might pay for part of this work and they can review options for hiring appropriate contractors or specialists.  If you don't know who to call to do the work, the program has vetted reputable local contractors.  If you choose to use one of these contractors,a contractor manager working with Energy Smart will help monitor the work. And, if you take action on at least one of the 3 top upgrades listed in the audit report, Boulder County is offering $250 towards that work.  Contact the Energy Smart program at 303-544-1000.

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